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Ashley Moody Warns About Child Tax Credit Payment Scams

Last week, eligible parents started to receive a monthly advance payment on the Child Tax Credit as part of the American Rescue Plan Act. An estimated 36 million families will continue to receive payments from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of up to $300 per child, per month.

Ashley Moody Warns About Surfside Building Collapse Scams

While no charity fraud complaints have been filed with the Attorney General's Office at this time, Moody offered a reminder to anyone donating to the victims of the Surfside building collapse to remain alert and on guard against scammers looking to exploit this disaster for personal gain.

Ashley Moody Warns Floridians of COVID-19 Survey Scam

The COVID-19 vaccine survey scam reportedly involves messages from scammers impersonating relatives, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccine providers or other sources. The content of the messages may offer reward money or prizes for filling out the phony survey after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, as reported by the Department of Justice.
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Ashley Moody Warns Floridians of Moving Scams

According to recent reports, home sales increased 5.6 percent in 2020, resulting in a 14-year high in overall sales throughout the country. Florida is also experiencing an increase in new residents. With an increase in home sales comes more demand for movers, and Moody issued a Consumer Alert to help consumers avoid moving-related scams.

Ashley Moody Warns of Law Enforcement Imposter Scam Phone Calls

According to a recent report, scammers have been posing as Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputies and calling local residents in an attempt to obtain personal or financial information.

Ashley Moody Issues Consumer Alert on Stimulus Payment Scams

As part of a massive COVID-19 relief package, direct payments from the Internal Revenue Service are headed to the bank accounts and mailboxes of millions of Floridians—creating the potential for new stimulus payment scams. Anytime a government benefit or program rolls out, scammers will try to exploit the situation for their own benefit.

Ashley Moody Warns Floridians of COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Scams

With the continuing rollout of vaccines and an increasing number of Floridians seeking to secure appointments, scammers have devised multiple methods attempting to take advantage of the highly anticipated vaccination distribution.

Ashley Moody Warns About Romance Scams

Romance scams prey on an individual’s desire for companionship and occur when imposters pose as a person seeking love on dating sites, social media or even in-person to gain trust—and ultimately swindle unsuspecting sweethearts.

Ashley Moody Tells Floridians Not to Post COVID-19 Vaccine Cards Online

Vaccination cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention include the recipient’s full name, birthdate and vaccine location—information scammers can use to hack online accounts or commit identity fraud.

Ashley Moody Offers Tips to Floridians on Data Privacy Day

To raise awareness about this year’s theme, Own Your Privacy, Moody offered tips to help individuals take charge and protect sensitive information.

Ashley Moody Issues Consumer Alert About COVID-19 Vaccination Scams

According to recent news reports, scammers used the popular event website Eventbrite to pose as county health departments and take or attempt to take payments in exchange for COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Ashley Moody Warns About Stimulus-Related Scams

Floridians are already receiving payments both through direct deposit and mailed checks. Moody said this week that she wants to make sure Floridians are prepared to spot and avoid scams related to the federal payments. On Tuesday, Moody issued a Consumer Alert highlighting scams related to the latest stimulus payments and tips to help Floridians avoid falling prey.