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Marco Rubio: State Department Should Consider USCIRF’s Recommendations on Countries of Particular Concern

Our nation was founded on the principle that all people have a right to freely practice the faith of their choice, without fear of persecution by their government of any other actors. As the leader of the free world, it is vital that the United States model and promote this crucial human right and our values to the rest of the world as a fundamental part of our foreign policy objectives.
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Jimmy Patronis: Vendors Working With State Government Have to Reveal if Owned by China

Patronis announced at the state Cabinet meeting on Thursday that his office will request “that private vendors to the state of Florida verify whether they are majority-owned by United States interests” which “will be used to better identify businesses that are majority-Communist Party of China owned that do business with the state of Florida.”

Jimmy Patronis Demands China Offer Restitution for Coronavirus Damages

In the letter, the CFO wrote his office will review state vendors to identify Chinese owned or controlled businesses that are set to receive a payment from the state. The payments could potentially be withheld to offset costs to the state of Florida.