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Dr. Ed Moore: America Needs Servant Leaders to Take Us on the Right Path

Six years ago I was at the Republican presidential debate at the University of Miami. At this point, there was still a stage full of Republican contenders but already it was becoming the “Trump...

Dr. Ed Moore: We Can Have Our Own Opinions, but Not Our Own Facts,...

COVID is not the best topic to post about at the start of a new year, but a couple of conversations and the loss of an old friend these past few days keep ringing...

Ports and Cruises Can Help Reset Florida’s Economy

The true depths of COVID’s economic impacts are now truly coming to light. These are among the many reasons Gov. Ron DeSantis has made ports and cruises a focal point of his efforts to reset the Florida economy. 

Florida Could Be Next as States Being Sued Over Cutting Off Jobless Benefits

Union groups are representing several plaintiffs in states like Indiana, Virginia, Maryland and Texas for canceling the supplemental unemployment benefits early.
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Will Florida Companies Require Employees Get COVID Vaccine?

Almost two-thirds--63 percent--of the businesses surveyed will require proof that their employees have been vaccinated. 

A New Time for Choosing

It is one of those weird occurrences of history that in February, a month when we celebrate Presidents Day, mostly due to the birth dates of Washington and Lincoln, that another great president was also born. Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois, a small town far from any major city. 

Task Force of Business Community Leaders Offers Final Report on Helping Florida’s Economy After...

“This report is the culmination of a dedicated group effort to closely examine the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on businesses and industries in our state, thoughtfully discuss the difficulties they have experienced, and carefully craft sensible solutions to the issues impacting Florida’s employers,” said Dr. Ed Moore, the executive director of the RESET Task Force.