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Ron DeSantis Announces More Than $1 Million to Moore Haven for Rural Infrastructure Improvements

This week, Gov. Ron DeSantis awarded more than $1 million in funding to the city of Moore Haven through two Rural Infrastructure Fund grants to improve and enhance the downtown area and attract new...

Barney Bishop: All Thinking Americans Owe Joe Manchin for Sticking to his Principles

As Americans, we have grown accustomed to the reality that politicians will say anything to get elected or stay elected.‭ ‬Many of us remember the famous‭ “read my lips‭” ‬pledge made by George H.‭...
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PortMiami Getting $7 Million from DOT for Infrastructure Improvements

Diaz-Balart said on Tuesday that the money will be going to help PortMiami in its improvement efforts as it--and other ports across the Atlantic seaboard--continue to change after the Panama Canal expansion.