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Ron DeSantis Declares State of Emergency in Manatee County Over Piney Point Plant Leak

DeSantis, Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Sec. Noah Valenstein and Florida Division of Emergency Management Director (FDEM) Jared Moskowitz were all in Manatee County on Sunday.
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Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz Could Learn a Few Lessons From Rick Scott and...

Abbott’s attempts to blame the power outages on alternative energy and trying to shift the conversation to bemoaning the Green New Deal is all hat and no cattle. The GOP has been in charge of Texas since George W. Bush sent Ann Richards into retirement back in 1994. Alternative energy sources simply have not made much ground in deep red, oil-rich Texas.

Wilton Simpson: ‘Floridians Want Results, Not Words’

New state Senate President Wilton Simpson offered his remarks, as prepared for delivery as he took over the chamber on Tuesday:
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DEO, FDEM Organizing Resources to Help Forest Creek Apartments, Pensacola Residents After Hurricane Sally

To date, CAPC has received 111 applications for assistance in the Pensacola area of which 79 were former residents of Forest Creek Apartments.
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FEMA, Ron DeSantis Showcase $5.8 Billion in Federal Funds to Help Florida Recover From...

Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm, caused more than 130 deaths in the Caribbean and the U.S. and more than $77 billion in damages.

Ron DeSantis: FDEM Starting a New Push to Send Out PPE

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, my administration’s top priority has been to protect individuals most vulnerable to COVID-19,” said DeSantis on Friday. “We hope this direct shipment of PPE to long-term care facilities throughout the state helps them safely transition to allowing limited visitation.”

Ron DeSantis, FDEM Proclaim September as Florida Preparedness Month

“Ensuring every Floridian prepares for disasters is incredibly important,” said DeSantis on Thursday. “As we continue through a very active hurricane season, I encourage all residents and visitors to gather seven days of critical supplies and make a plan.”

Ron DeSantis: FDEM Has Sent Out More Than $500 Million for Hurricane Recovery During...

These awards are provided through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance Grant program. Last week, FDEM also began paying out funding through the CARES Act for Florida counties with a population of less than 500,000.

Casey DeSantis: Mental Health Awareness Part of Florida’s Response to COVID-19

Florida’s state agencies have coordinated with the Florida Division of Emergency Management and Florida Department of Health during the public health emergency to ensure Floridians have access to free mental health resources and necessary support.

Ron DeSantis: FDEM Ready to Distribute Federal Coronavirus Stimulus Funds to Small Counties Across...

DeSantis said the Florida Department of Emergency Management (FDEM) will send $1.275 billion from the coronavirus stimulus package the White House and Congress agreed to at the end of March to counties with less than 500,000 residents.

Ron DeSantis: FEMA Sending $252 Million to Florida to Reimburse Coronavirus Expenses

DeSantis said FEMA will cover 75 percent of the state’s expenses from March 13 through the end of April, covering $251,901,828 of the total $335,869,104. March 13 was the day when President Donald Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic to be a national emergency.

Ron DeSantis: Florida has Zero Tolerance for Violence, Rioting and Looting

On Monday, as riots and protests continue across the nation in response to George Floyd’s murder, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he was calling up 700 members of the Florida National Guard soldiers and 1,300 Florida Highway Patrol troopers to support local law enforcement efforts.