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Aron Solomon: As We Return to Casinos, Should We Worry?

Admittedly, none of us are at our best in casinos. The mix of adrenaline, alcohol, no windows, and the highs and lows of each roll of the literal and metaphorical dice create an environment...

Aron Solomon: New Florida Minimum Wage Will Impact Law and Crime

The idea that there is a clear link between increasing the minimum wage and decreasing crime isn’t new. Under a new mandate coming into effect later this week, Florida is about to put that theory into practice.

John K. Lawlor: A Primer on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries

Vaccines are usually very slow to go to market. There are many good reasons for this, foremost among them the safety of the people who are being asked to be the vaccine’s early adopters. This is where we find ourselves today with the COVID-19 vaccine, as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just issued the first Emergency Use Authorization to allow a vaccine to be immediately distributed to prevent COVID-19.