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Education Reports Shows School Closures During Covid Pandemic Set Back Students

A new report from the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) shows that students are falling behind on reading levels. The FDOE found that, during the 2020-21 school year, Black students were reading at much lower...

Ashley Moody: More Than $40 Million Headed to Florida After Opioid Medication Settlement

On Thursday, Moody announced the results of a multimillion-dollar action against a marketing company that helped turbocharge the opioid epidemic through a marketing collaboration with Purdue Pharma.

Marco Rubio Continues to Press McKinsey on Ties With China Regime

Rubio’s original letter requested information regarding McKinsey & Company’s relationship with the Chinese Government and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including state-owned and state-run companies in China, and what impact those relationships have on McKinsey’s relationship with the United States Government.