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Ashley Moody: Efforts Cracking Down on Opioids Will Get Billions From Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy...

Purdue Pharma filed its bankruptcy plan worth approximately $7 billion that will place the full value of the company into a trust set up to allocate the funds toward opioid abatement efforts nationwide. More than $4.275 billion of the $7 billion represented in the plan will come from the Sackler family, who will also lose their entire stake in the company as part of the terms—effectively removing them from any involvement in U.S. opioid sales.

Ashley Moody: More Than $40 Million Headed to Florida After Opioid Medication Settlement

On Thursday, Moody announced the results of a multimillion-dollar action against a marketing company that helped turbocharge the opioid epidemic through a marketing collaboration with Purdue Pharma.