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Marco Rubio: U.S. House Needs to Dump Sodexo for Dining Services

“Sodexo has a long list of disturbing scandals and anti-worker abuses that it has allegedly committed over the course of its existence, including overcharging public schools, threatening pro-union organizing among its labor force, and claimed discrimination against black employees. Sodexo recently signed on to a hypocritical statement condemning voter identification laws, and one of its executives called for further action from corporations to meddle in politics,” Rubio’s offiice noted.

Janie Mackenzie: HR 1: Fight For Your Right–to Vote?

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, thus far in 2021, “35 states have introduced, prefiled, or carried over 406 bills to expand voting access (dwarfing the 188 expansive bills that were filed in twenty-nine states as of February 3, 2020). Notably 93 such bills were introduced in New York and New Jersey.”
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Alcee Hastings Wants a Commission to Look at Reforming the House, Including Adding More...

“The commission would be mandated to analyze the current size of the House of Representatives, examine alternatives to the current method by which members are elected, and study the impacts of gerrymandering on representation in the people’s House,” the congressman‘s office noted.