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USDA Sending 2501 Program Funds to South Florida Organization

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced this week that it is sending almost $625,000 to Florida as part of the 2501 Program under the USDA Office of Partnerships and Public Engagement (OPPE).

The funds are part of $27.6 million headed to 41 organizations in 27 states through the “Agriculture Improvement Act” passed in 2017.

The funds will be used “to provide training, outreach and technical assistance to underserved and veteran farmers, ranchers, and foresters to help them own and operate successful farms, ranches, and forest lands.”

“The 2501 Program demonstrates USDA’s commitment to improving the livelihoods of the country’s underserved and veteran farmers, ranchers and foresters by ensuring that they have access to and are equipped with the resources, knowledge and tools to be successful,” said OPPE Director Lisa Ramirez. “This program is part of USDA’s commitment to equity and inclusion for underserved communities and reducing barriers to USDA programs and resources.”

The North South Institute in South Florida is the only organization in the state to be getting funds from the 2501 Program and will receive $624,736. The USDA offered some information on the organization and why it is getting funds.

“This project connects 300 underserved producers in the geographical area of 38 Florida counties to USDA programs. The objectives are aligned with USDA/2501 Program Priorities, where these producers use USDA Programs and their own resources to address the challenges in small and medium-sized farming and ranching. Resources from the partnership will be provided in the form of training, education and outreach, technical assistance, as well as mobilizing hard investments and other resources. The key outcomes are: (i) 90 percent (270) of targeted producers accessing and utilizing USDA programs, (ii) 50 percent of target producers (150) implementing strategies for farm sustainability to include On-Farm Financial and Non-Financial Sustainability, Farm Resilient Fund, Pre-Cooperative Groups or Group Production and Marketing Entities. The primary populations/communities served are: African American, Hispanic or Latino, and Immigrant farmers and ranchers, Socially Disadvantaged, Veterans, Women Tenant Farmers and Ranchers,” the USDA noted, adding that the project will serve 38 of Florida’s 67 counties.


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