When Does Lovebug Season End in Florida?

Common Questions Among Floridians: When Does Lovebug Season End in Florida?

According to the University of Florida, Mating peaks last about four weeks in May and September. Typically, two main generations occur during this time, but the insects can be seen throughout the summer.

Lovebugs are usually active between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., in temperatures above 84°F.  Decades ago, an urban legend started regarding the University of Florida as the creator of Lovebugs, but the University debunked the myth. During the 20th century, lovebugs migrated from Central America, traveling through Texas and Louisiana before arriving in Florida. Lovebugs  do not bite, sting, or transmit diseases and are not poisonous. They can damage automobile paint if they are “baked” in the sun.

To remove lovebugs, wash your car with water and scrub it to remove the lovebugs. A hood air deflector or screen will reduce the number of spattered lovebugs on your car. Using car wax will protect an automobile’s paint.