Ashley Moody Calls on Floridians to be Ready for Hurricanes During National Preparedness Month

This week, state Attorney General Ashley Moody recognized National Preparedness Month by encouraging Floridians to be ready to face potential hurricane strikes.

National Preparedness Month raises awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time. As the second—and usually more active—half of hurricane season begins, Moody highlighted the 2022 Hurricane Preparedness Guide to aid Floridians in developing storm-safety plans.

Moody weighed in on the guide on Tuesday.

“We’ve been lucky that it’s been a relatively calm hurricane season—so far—but it wouldn’t be prudent to let your guard down. In recognition of National Preparedness Month, I am urging all Floridians to reevaluate their storm preparations and make needed adjustments to keep their families, pets and homes safe,” Moody said.

The theme of this year’s National Preparedness month is: “A Lasting Legacy. The life you’ve built is worth protecting. Prepare for disasters to create a lasting legacy for you and your family.” Floridians should take stock of current hurricane-safety plans in order to protect loved ones and property. Moody’s 2022 Hurricane Preparedness Guide contains information and tips for staying safe before, during and after a storm.

Preparedness tips provided by the guide include:

Know evacuation routes and shelter locations;

Stock up on enough food, water and emergency supplies for you, your family and pets for at least seven days;

Verify that storm-related products are hurricane-proof or impact-proof before purchasing;

After the storm, be wary of contractors who solicit door-to-door, quote extremely low prices for repairs, demand large and upfront payments with no return date to do work, or offer to perform repairs at a discount with leftover supplies from another job; and

Research recovery charities before giving. As solicitations increase following a disaster, so do charity scams designed to profit off the goodwill of others.

After a storm strikes, recovery can be a grueling process that scammers may attempt to exploit. To help Floridians avoid falling victim to scams that may occur in the aftermath of a hurricane, Moody released “Scams at a Glance: After the Storm.”


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