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Florida Starts 2024 Lionfish Challenge to Remove the Invasive Fish

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is excited to announce the 2024 Lionfish Challenge.

The free, summer-long lionfish tournament is open to recreational and commercial competitors of all ages around the state of Florida. Since FWC launched the annual challenge eight years ago, more than 195,000 lionfish have been removed as part of this challenge.

Tournament details:

Timeline: May 24 to Sept. 2. 

Categories: Participants will compete in either the commercial or the recreational division with grand prizes to the top competitors in each division.

Prizes will be awarded in tiers as follows:

  • Tier 1- Harvest 25 lionfish (recreational category) or 50 pounds of lionfish (commercial category).
  • Tier 2- Harvest 75 lionfish (recreational category) or 100 pounds of lionfish (commercial category).
  • Tier 3- Harvest 150 lionfish (recreational category) or 200 pounds of lionfish (commercial category).
  • Tier 4- Harvest 300 lionfish (recreational category) or 400 pounds of lionfish (commercial category).
  • Tier 5- Harvest 600 lionfish (recreational category) or 800 pounds of lionfish (commercial category).
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To read the full tournament rules and register, visit

Keep up with the challenge on FWC’s Facebook page:

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