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Immigration Enforcement Group Tells GOP Not to Fund Biden’s Border Plan

NumbersUSA says the GOP is ignoring an immigration fight when it comes to funding the federal government. The group, which focuses exclusively on immigration reform, says Republicans are not addressing Biden’s parole loophole. 

The reports that there is a bitter partisan division over border security and immigration and Republicans going along with funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Members of the U.S. House want more funds for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s detention and enforcement efforts.

Around 41 Republicans have signed on asking other GOP colleagues to reject the appropriations package, stating it doesn’t do enough to address the border. If the measure is passed, NumbersUSA says the money will go directly to fund the Biden administration’s border policies.

“You fund the border crisis, you own the border crisis,” says Numbers USA.

Illegal immigration has been shown to be a top issue for a majority of voters going into the election season. A recent poll by the Wall Street Journal showed that most voters want to see legislation to address the border crisis.

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Many in the poll also felt that politics was a reason why nothing was being accomplished on the issue. Senate Republicans put forth a bill that would strengthen the border, fund money for a border wall, and increase the number of law enforcement personnel patrolling the border, but it was shot down by House GOP members.

House conservatives are seeking to stall funding for DHS but may not have enough votes. If funding is stalled, some say it may lead to a government shutdown.


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