Jimmy Patronis Calls on Donald Trump to Base New Digital Platform in Florida

Last week, state Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis issued a letter to former President Donald Trump encouraging him to begin his new digital platform in Florida.

The CFO’s letter comes on the heels of recent media reports that Trump is beginning a new digital platform venture.

The letter is below.

Dear President Trump:

Being a former businessman, I have always been impressed with job creators, like yourself, whose labor grow jobs and opportunities for thousands of families. With recent reports that you are pursuing the development of your own digital media platform, I want to do everything possible to ensure this new venture happens in Florida.

I have spent the greater part of my life in business and know what kind of effort it takes to hire staff, build infrastructure and utilize technology to ensure customers get a great product at a good price, in the most efficient manner possible. Moreover, as the State’s Chief Financial Officer, I serve on the Board of Directors of Enterprise Florida, Inc. and can help provide access to the state’s business development tools. Also as a former Public Service Commissioner, I can assist with any challenges that may arise related to access to power that’s critical for supporting technology infrastructure.

Many Floridians are thrilled and excited over the prospect of you pursuing your own digital platform. The fact is Big Tech went after you like never before. These tech firms are not being honest brokers in how they deal with the public – they’re using their power to shut down conservative voices. It’s not fair. The idea of you launching a platform to provide conservative voices with a safe space to speak their minds is exactly what our nation needs.

The fact is you’re blessed with a Midas touch, and if you are starting a new tech business, inevitably there will be competition to go after the golden-goose, and Florida can’t rest on its laurels. I know you clearly love Florida enough to have left New York, but I also know that at the end of the day, you’re focused on the financials of your enterprise. Moreover, with California doing everything possible to shut down their businesses, Mar-a-Lago could become the epicenter of Florida’s technology renaissance.

To that end, I would love the opportunity to connect you and your team with the right officials for your new business to succeed in Florida. Between Florida’s colleges and universities, our infrastructure, private sector partners and business development entities, Florida has what it takes for your new venture to succeed in the Sunshine State. Please contact my office at (850) 413-4900 to discuss how we can make a win-win for the Trump Brand and Florida.

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