Jimmy Patronis Warns Floridians About Scammers Pretending to be Apple and Amazon

With the holidays around the corner, on Tuesday, state Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis urged Floridians to guard against false calls from scammers pretending to be Apple and Amazon customer support.

Consumers concerned about their accounts should contact the company through a verified customer support number or website.

“The holiday season is an ideal time for cybercriminals to try and gain access to personal information, especially with so many Floridians doing their shopping online. Don’t let the Christmas rush prevent you from being on alert for potential scams. Remember, anytime you receive a suspicious message or phone call, it could be a scammer trying to make you their next victim. If you feel you have been a victim of fraud, report it immediately at FraudFreeFlorida.com,” Patronis said.

Patronis shared the following tips from the Federal Trade Commission if you receive unanticipated call or message about an issue with any of your accounts:

  1. Hang up.
  2. Do not press 1 to speak with customer support.
  3. Do not call a phone number they gave you.
  4. Do not give out your personal information.


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