Julio Gonzalez: The Results Are In: Florida Hispanics Don’t Want to Impeach President Donald Trump

As the Democrats drive headlong towards impeachment, Florida Hispanics are making it clear that they do not support them, and as the process moves forward, it will only drive more Hispanic voters into the president’s arms.

Ever since Donald Trump descended the Trump Tower escalator to declare his candidacy in 2015, Democrat politicians and liberal pundits have incessantly pushed the false narrative that his America First principles are somehow anti-Hispanic.

That didn’t stop President Trump from securing a healthy 35 percent of Hispanic votes here in Florida in the 2016 presidential election, and his appeal to this crucial voting bloc has only increased over the past three years.

Nationwide, the president’s support among Hispanic Americans recently reached the 50 percent mark, creating the very real prospect that he will not only expand his margin of victory in battleground states such as Florida, but possibly even flip one or more traditionally-blue states.

Here in Florida, the phony “impeachment inquiry” that Democrats are conducting behind closed doors seems likely to grow support among Hispanic Americans for President Trump. Recent polling conducted by the University of North Florida shows that an outright majority of Hispanic Floridians — 51 percent — oppose the impeachment inquiry, with a whopping 40 percent saying they “strongly” oppose the inquiry.

Those results should be deeply concerning for the Democrats, who are well aware that impeachment is their only chance of beating President Trump.

Hispanic Americans are rallying around the president because we support his record of achievement. While the Democrats try to distract the American people with manufactured impeachment hoaxes, President Trump is overseeing a strong and growing economy marked by widespread job creation and rapidly-rising wages — conditions that are directly improving the lives of Hispanics in Florida and across the country.

Under this president’s leadership, the Hispanic unemployment rate has hit record lows on multiple occasions, most recently dropping to just 3.9 percent. Hispanic median income is at a record high after eclipsing $50,000 for the first time in 2017, and Hispanic entrepreneurs are opening new businesses at a breakneck pace. A recent analysis even ranked Florida among the top five states in the country for Latino small business loan applications, which is great news for the state economy as well as the Hispanic-American community.

We care about the opportunities President Trump has provided to all Americans, not the racial grievance politics pushed by the left — and certainly not the partisan witch hunt being conducted by congressional Democrats. That’s why the president’s support among Hispanic Americans has grown as he has demonstrated his capacity to deliver positive results.

If Democrats think their impeachment circus will reverse the groundswell of Hispanic support for President Trump, they’re sorely mistaken. Their politically motivated stunt is only further alienating Hispanic voters who were already defecting en masse to the president’s camp.


Julio Gonzalez founded Engineered Tax Services.


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