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Matt Schellenberg: Average Americans Hurt by Endless Government Spending, Incompetent Officials

Higher interest rates show the folly of the federal government spending recklessly based on the decisions of incompetent individuals who could never survive in the business world. Of course, duly elected officials, most of whom are lawyers who don’t know a thing about finances, have contributed significantly to spending other people’s money.

Let’s start with the federal government spending spree we have seen over the last half dozen years. With “free money,” the federal government spent freely on student debt forgiveness, COVID relief, expanding social programs, and the “Bidenonics” focus on renewable energy. The federal government, led by the Biden administration, remains fixated on renewables. It has been a complete disaster. Hydrocarbons have risen to multi-year highs, while renewables like wind and solar have met with disastrous results.

Unsustainable spending has caused our interest rates to skyrocket. Who can afford a house, buy an Internal Combustion Engines car with an average price of $48,000 or an EV car with an average cost over $61,000?

Polls show that the American people are frustrated with this administration and, yes, previous administrations regarding their intrusion into our daily lives. Presidential administrations from both parties offer more costly regulations and rules about how we should live our lives.

The bottom line is the federal government should leave us alone. Citizens simply don’t trust this administration’s employees and elected officials as they offer half-truths about the economy getting better. We go to the grocery stores daily and see the impact of rising prices while paying more for smaller boxes and portions.

The politicians should do us all a favor. They should go home for a year or more and get to know the people they are supposed to represent.

Because right now, elected officials and administration employees are an embarrassment to our democracy.


  • Matt Schellenberg

    Matt Schellenberg was first elected to the Jacksonville City Council back in 2011 and won a second term in 2015. He was term-limited in 2019.

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