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Democrats Trending Poorly In Florida, Pundit Notes

Cook Political Report elections analyst Dave Wasserman thinks “Florida is trending poorly for Democrats” as the 2020 elections look.

While Democrats picked up two congressional seats in South Florida, Wasserman pointed out that in 2018, a good year for Democrats across the nation, in Florida they lost the U.S. Senate seat to Republican Rick Scott and the gubernatorial race to Ron DeSantis. Wasserman also laid out how Trump could win reelection in the Sunshine state in 2020.

Also this week, the Trump campaign launched Latinos for Trump in Miami. The Tump team hopes to use the group to reach out to Hispanics across the state, especially in South Florida.

In the Miami Herald, David Smiley pointed out that Hispanic voters barely supported statewide Democrats last year with exit polling showing Democrats Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson received around 54 percent of the Hispanic vote which could be a concern for Florida Democrats next year.

Darryl Rouson Files Bill To Protect Gay Students Attending Private Schools.

Florida state Sen. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg, filed a bill is to protect gay students who attend private schools from being discriminated against.

Rouson says gay students who receive school vouchers to attend private schools should not be expelled because of their sexual orientation and insisted religious schools should not be allowed to deny them from attending.

Jacksonville City Councilman Insists Prayers Before Meetings Are Too Political

Jacksonville City Councilman Aaron Bowman has said he has looked into prayers before City Council meetings in recent months.

Bowman said the opening invocations before the meetings have gotten too political.

It all began earlier this year when Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry was running for reelection. A local minister who opposed Curry offered the opening prayer before the meeting and took it upon himself to heavily criticize the mayor and his office.

Bowman is proposing to limit what religious leaders would be able to say during the opening prayer with the legislation stressing there should be no personal political views or partisan politics in the opening prayers. The proposal would also limit the prayers when it comes to their time. Currently, no further action has been taken.


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