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Florida Politics

Ron DeSantis Receives 27 Bills from the Florida Legislature

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received the following bills from the Florida Legislature:

CS/HB 141 – Economic Development

CS/CS/HB 1363 – Traffic Enforcement

CS/HB 1161 – Verification of Eligibility for Homestead Exemption

CS/CS/HB 1049 – Flood Disclosure in the Sale of Real Property

CS/HB 705 – Public Works Projects

CS/CS/HB 1203 – Homeowners’ Associations

CS/HB 1093 – Florida Uniform Fiduciary Income and Principal Act

CS/CS/CS/HB 149 – Continuing Contracts

CS/HB 535 – Low-voltage Alarm System Projects

CS/HB 293 – Hurricane Protections for Homeowners’ Associations

CS/HB 481 – Building Construction Regulations and System Warranties

HB 59 – Provision Of Homeowners’ Association Rules and Covenants

HB 7085 – Sickle Cell Disease

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HB 7009 – OGSR/Mental Health Treatment and Services

CS/HB 775 – Surrendered Infants

CS/HB 855 – Dental Services

CS/HB 1259 – Providers of Cardiovascular Services

CS/CS/HB 385 – Safe Exchange of Minor Children

CS/SB 7054 – Private Activity Bonds

CS/CS/SB 556 – Protection of Specified Adults

CS/CS/CS/SB 812 – Expedited Approval of Residential Building Permits

CS/SB 1142 – Occupational Licensing

CS/SB 644 – Rural Emergency Hospitals

SB 938 – Dentistry

CS/CS/SB 808 – Treatment by a Medical Specialist

CS/SB 1350 – Salvage

CS/CS/SB 1456 – Counties Designated as Areas of Critical State Concern

Gov. DeSantis has until June 5, 2024, to act on these bills.

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