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donna shalala

Donna Shalala Trying to Protect Health Care Workers, Expand Free Testing for Coronavirus

Despite being in her first term on Capitol Hill, U.S. Rep. Donna Shalala, D-Fla., continues to play a major role as Democrats in the U.S. House respond to coronavirus.
kathy castor

Kathy Castor, AARP Call on Senate to Pass Bill Protecting Older Workers From Age...

“Age discrimination affects individuals across America, but it’s a particular problem here in Florida because we have a larger percentage of older neighbors,” said Castor. “It’s an insidious problem- as you get older, you might lose your job and then it’s very difficult to get hired back. And even if you do get hired back, it’s rarely ever at the same salary level.

Lois Frankel Takes to House Floor to Champion Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act

You can be a dedicated employee and having spent decades building a career that you're proud of, taking care of your family, putting your kids through college, saving for your future, and needing—and wanting—to work., and then one day when you're ready, retire with dignity.

Donna Shalala Wants a Hearing on College Admissions Bribes but NRCC Showcases her Tenure...

As a former high ranking administrator in higher education, freshman U.S. Rep. Donna Shalala, D-Fla., has a lot to say about the bribery scandal that rocked elite schools this week--but the GOP offered a reminder that she oversaw some corruption during her time at the University of Miami.
Frederica Wilson

Frederica Wilson Pushes Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

Wilson is a cosponsor of U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott’s, D-Va., “Raise the Wage Act” which would gradually increase the minimum wage until it reaches $15 an hour in 2024. Scott is the chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee.
Frederica Wilson

Frederica Wilson Takes Over House Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee

Wilson said she would use her new perch to focus on labor issues.