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Almost Every Sheriff in Florida Backs Ron DeSantis for Reelection

Most sheriffs in Florida--59 of the 67 across the state--announced on Monday they were backing Gov. Ron DeSantis in his reelection campaign. “Florida’s sheriffs are on the front lines protecting our communities, and it is...

Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood: I’m Running Again and Don’t Plan on Playing Nice

“I’m willing to work with anybody who wants to work with me, but if you want to be an obstructionist, and if you want to try and stop me, get ready for the bus to run you over,” he told Florida Daily.

Mike Chitwood Calls Volusia Council ‘Scumbags’

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood is fuming after the Volusia County Council voted to sue the state to overturn Florida voters adding Amendment 10 to the state Constitution.