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Travis Taylor: Democracy Depends on Voter ID

As the federal government under President Biden continues its attempts to undermine the authority of the states to regulate their own elections — unconstitutional and unprecedented federal actions — states are reasserting their power...

J. Justin Riemer: SCOTUS Ruling Will Bolster Rule of Law and Confidence in Elections

Last week, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that will help reverse a troubling trend that’s been eroding the rule of law and confidence in our elections for too long. In an 8-1 decision,...

Rick Scott Calls for National Voter ID Laws, Pushes Vote-By-Mail Proposal

“I filed the VOTER Act this fall because I feared there would be issues this cycle with the influx of mail-in voting and a lack of standards in many states. If states fail to comply with these common sense measures, they won’t receive federal funding for elections. It’s that simple. Florida’s election system works well, and my goal is to make sure what works in my state is incorporated into election systems across the country so voters decide the outcomes of elections – not the courts,” Scott said. 

Rick Scott Showcases His VOTER Act to Reform Voting by Mail

Back in September, Scott brought out the “Verifiable, Orderly, & Timely Election Results (VOTER) Act” which, he insists, will “establish uniform standards for vote-by-mail systems across the country and ensure the timely and efficient counting of ballots, with important safeguards to prevent fraud.”