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Jimmy Patronis: The My Safe Florida Home Program is a Success

This week, state Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis highlighted the success of the My Safe Florida Home program, helping Floridians harden their homes against storms while reducing their insurance premiums.

Last year, the Department of Financial Services launched the home-mitigation program, allowing Florida homeowners to obtain free home inspections that identify storm mitigation measures, provide grants to harden properties from storm damage and help decrease homeowners insurance costs. In May, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 881, which expanded eligibility requirements for the program. For more information about the My Safe Florida Home program, please visit

Patronis said, “It’s no secret that our country has faced a hardening property insurance market, and Florida has already seen a very active hurricane season. That’s why we are using every tool in the toolbox when it comes to helping insurance consumers lower their premiums and protect their homes against storms. The My Safe Florida Home program has been a big success, allowing Florida families to harden their homes against storms by installing impact-resistant items like windows, doors, and garage doors. Since 2022, we have approved nearly 19,000 grant applications, conducted more than 70,000 free home inspections, and reserved more than $189 million in home hardening grants. These improvements have helped reduce the insurance premiums of participants by an average of about $1,000 a year. Due to its success, the program has received more than 800 new applicants a day, so it’s critical that it is refunded next year so more Floridians can benefit. I appreciate Governor DeSantis and the Legislature for working hard to create and expand the My Safe Florida Home program. I look forward to working together to continue hardening Florida homes and reducing premium costs for homeowners.”

My Safe Florida Home Program Numbers to Know:

70,392 – Free Home Inspections Completed
18,900 – Home Hardening Grants Approved
$189.3 Million – Home Hardening Grant Funding Reserved (Funds Pending Disbursement to Identified Policyholders Upon Completion of Work)
$1,032 – Average Annual Home Insurance Premium Savings
To learn more about the My Safe Florida Home program, visit

Insurance Commissioner Michael Yaworsky said, “The My Safe Florida Home program is a tremendous way for Florida consumers to protect their homes against storms while saving money on their insurance premiums. Once the products are installed on your home and an inspection is complete, you can become eligible to receive discounts from your insurance company. I encourage consumers to learn more about the program and I want to thank CFO Patronis for championing this initiative to help Floridians harden their homes.”

Insurance Consumer Advocate Tasha Carter said, “Florida insurance consumers are looking for premium relief, and there is no better way to protect your home while saving money than investing in home hardening. By saving on impact-resistant items like doors, windows, and garage doors, you are simultaneously fortifying your home and lowering your insurance premiums. I encourage every Florida homeowner to take advantage of this great program. Thank you to CFO Patronis for advocating for Floridians so they can protect their biggest asset – their home.”

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PGT Innovations, CEO and President Jeff Jackson said, “Thank you to CFO Jimmy Patronis for highlighting this incredible initiative and ensuring Florida homeowners know how important it is to harden their homes against storms. PGT Innovations is proud to be a Florida-based company dedicated to providing home hardening solutions, and we are committed to helping people fortify their homes throughout the state so all families are well-prepared for future storms.”

Florida Association of Insurance Agents President and CEO Kyle Ulrich said, “On behalf of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents, we are committed to ensuring Florida’s insurance environment is stable and by doing that, ensuring Floridians Fortifying your home against storms and hurricanes is one of the best investments you can make. Thank you to CFO Patronis for his hard work in providing home hardening grants to Floridians so they can protect their homes while saving money on homeowners insurance.”

Personal Insurance Federation of Florida (PIFF) President and CEO Michael Carlson said, “The My Safe Florida Home program is truly a win for all Floridians statewide. There is no better way to protect your biggest financial investment while saving money on insurance costs. CFO Patronis and his team have done an excellent job ensuring more Florida homeowners are eligible for these home-hardening grants and more Florida homes are shielded from the impact of hurricanes and storms.”

Florida Home Builders Association CEO and Chief Lobbyist Rusty Payton said, “Thank you to CFO Patronis and the Florida Legislature for helping Floridians prepare their homes for severe weather. We encourage all Floridians to look into the My Safe Florida Home program and the great savings it provides to make sure they are prepared to weather the next storm.”

Florida Realtors President G. Mike McGraw said, “The My Safe Florida Home program is a fantastic way to protect your home from storms while saving money on insurance. Adding storm mitigation improvements to your home, like impact-resistant doors and windows, also improves the value of your property. Thank you to CFO Patronis and the My Safe Florida Home Team for working diligently to fortify Florida homes and reduce insurance costs for Floridians.”


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rick Flores

    October 2, 2023 at 10:45 pm

    Do they answer calls. My applications been hanging for three months?

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