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Rick Scott Slams Democrats’ Immigration & Border Security Bill

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WASHINGTON DC – Florida junior Senator Rick Scott (R) joined Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and their GOP colleagues to hold a press conference to reject Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer‘s plan to revive an immigration bill that Republicans rejected back in February. Sen. Rick Scott asserted that Schumer’s bill would codify President Joe Biden’s open border immigration policies.

Senator Scott’s can be viewed in the above video or in the transcript provided below.

“Everyone knows Schumer’s push to bring back this failed immigration strategy is a sham,” Scott said. “This is a desperate move to shift blame and distance Democrats from Biden’s toxic open border policies that have brought millions of illegal immigrants, drugs and terrorists across our border. This bill won’t solve Joe Biden’s crisis—in fact, it codifies his failed policies. The truth is, if Biden wanted to fix the border, he would do it today by enforcing the laws we have to secure the border, just like President Trump did. Then Biden and Mayorkas dismantled the entire immigration system and allowed it to become lawless. Biden clearly wants to see an invasion of illegal aliens into the United States. He clearly wants to put Americans’ lives at risk with criminals, terrorists, drugs coming across… innocent Americans killed, and our communities at risk. His own FBI director admitted that his policies are making our nation less safe. It is making the fentanyl crisis worse, and I do not want another 70,000 Americans to die from an overdose. I continue to hear from Florida families about how this crisis is ripping apart families, and we have to put an end to it. Unfortunately, it is the Democrats that don’t want to secure the border. They want to pass a massive immigration bill that codifies Biden’s open border policies into law. We HAVE to stop illegal immigration and keep Americans safe, and that’s going to require a new president in the White House.”

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