Ron DeSantis in Better Shape in New Florida Poll than Donald Trump

Another day, another poll shows Gov. Ron DeSantis in good shape with Florida voters after two months in Tallahassee. The new poll finds the governor, who offered the State of the State address on Tuesday, is in better shape in the Sunshine State than his ally President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday morning, Politico released the details of a Bendixen & Amandi International poll which shows DeSantis is seen as favorable by 50 percent of those surveyed while 23 percent see him unfavorably. While 5 percent of those surveyed do not know who DeSantis is, 22 percent are undecided about him.

DeSantis has nailed down the Republican base with 76 percent of them approving him and only 7 percent disapprove of him. The governor is upside down with Florida Democrats but not by much as 37 percent disapprove of him and 29 percent approve of him. DeSantis is also doing well with voters outside the major parties with 40 percent of them approving of him and 25 percent disapproving of him.

Trump is upside down in the poll with 52 percent of Florida voters disapproving of him and 43 percent approving of him. Republicans still have the president’s back with 76 percent of them approving of Trump while 21 percent disapprove. Democrats in the Sunshine State break hard against Trump with 76 percent of them disapproving of him while 18 percent approve of him. Trump is struggling with Florida voters outside the major parties as two thirds of them–66 percent–see him in an unfavorable light while 31 percent view him favorably.

Asked if Trump should be reelected, 53 percent of those surveyed say no and 40 percent say yes. Most Democrats–77 percent–say Trump should not have a second term. A  majority of voters outside the major parties–63 percent–say Trump should not be reelected while 29 percent want him to have a second term. Almost a quarter of Florida Republicans–23 percent–say Trump should not be reelected while 72 percent say he should.

The poll of 602 Florida voters who are likely to vote in the 2020 election was taken from March 1 through March 4 and had a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.

Earlier this week, the University of North Florida (UNF) and St. Leo University released polls which mirrored the Bendixen & Amandi International poll as all of them show DeSantis in excellent shape.


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