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Ashley Moody: More Than $40 Million Headed to Florida After Opioid Medication Settlement

On Thursday, Moody announced the results of a multimillion-dollar action against a marketing company that helped turbocharge the opioid epidemic through a marketing collaboration with Purdue Pharma.

Chris Sprowls Reappoints Randy Fine to the Education Commission of the States

“Representative Fine’s record for raising standards and accountability in Florida’s education system will serve him well on the Education Commission of the States,” said Sprowls.“Representative Fine will serve as a strong leader in this national effort to improve our schools, colleges and universities.”

Chris Sprowls Names Chris Latvala to Education Commission of the States

“Representative Latvala is a champion for education in Florida, and he has a deep understanding of its importance -- from early childhood literacy to workforce training and development. I am proud to announce his appointment to the Education Commission of the States,” said Sprowls on Friday.
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Florida TaxWatch Proposes Spending Cuts as Pandemic Impacts State Budget

Florida TaxWatch released a bevy of suggestions for state legislators to combat the pandemic, including spending cuts, returning money to taxpayers, collecting more revenue and protecting businesses to try and get them back to pre-pandemic levels.

Florida House Ready to Quickly Move on Bill Protecting Floridians From Vaccine Scams

State Rep. Adrian Zika, R-Land O’Lakes, filed a bill to make COVID-19 vaccine scams a felony last week. 

Florida GOP Leaders Back Anti-Looting, Rioting Bill After Pro-Trump Mob Attacked Capitol

Back in September, Gov. Ron DeSantis and the leaders of the Legislature proposed the “Combating Violence, Disorder and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act" which would make it a third-degree felony to take part in "disorderly assemblies," block roads and stop transportation and deface monuments. 

Florida Legislature Leadership Backs Proposal to Help Offer Liability Protection for Businesses During Pandemic

In the Florida House, state Rep. Lawrence McClure, R-Dover, filed a bill on Wednesday which will offer “general liability protection for Florida businesses, schools, nonprofits and religious institutions making a good-faith effort to follow established federal, state and local guidelines” and its “liability protections apply retroactively to any newly filed lawsuit.” 

Chris Sprowls Reaches Across the Aisle to Name Matt Willhite to Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory...

The Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Committee has 15 members and meets every quarter to help the state Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) “regarding legislative, programmatic and administrative matters relating to Alzheimer’s victims and their caregivers.”