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Florida Polytechnic University Sees Record High Number of New Students

The Fall 2021 class of incoming students is the largest in Florida Polytechnic University’s (Florida Poly) history with more than 625 new students joining the university from an applicant pool of almost 2,000. Dr. Ben...
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Florida Polytechnic University Launches Health Systems Engineering Program

The Health Systems Engineering program allows students pursuing a degree in data science or business analytics to declare a concentration in HSE. Students majoring in computer science, or electrical, mechanical, or computer engineering can also benefit from this program by pursuing an HSE certificate.

Florida Polytechnic University Launches Nuclear Propulsion Pipeline Program to Have Grads Serve as Naval...

The Florida Poly program launched this semester and currently has 12 students.

Florida Polytechnic University Helping Power Local and State Economies, Study Shows

Economist Dr. Rick Harper conducted the study which shows the school adds more than $161 million in gross domestic product (GDP) to the local and state economy each year, including more than $72 million to Polk County. 

Florida Polytechnic University Gets Grant from National Science Foundation to Study Autonomous Vehicles

Florida Polytechnic University will continue its work on autonomous vehicle technology with a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Feds Sending Funds to Florida Polytechnic University for Project on Engineering, STEM Students

“The one-of-a-kind research will analyze the motives and barriers to ethical behavior in an academic setting, and the resulting ethical attitudes and actions exhibited by students. It also examines the extent to which these ethical attitudes continue once students enter the engineering workforce,” the university noted. 

Florida Colleges, Universities Receive Billions From the Feds, Pay Out Millions in Salaries

In the report, Adam Andrzejewski, the CEO and founder of and a columnist, notes that Florida placed fourth in the nation and received $5.6 billion in student loans.

Florida Polytechnic University Looks to Cut Down on Drowsy Driving

Last week, Florida Polytechnic University released research from their faculty and students as they focus on “detecting and preventing the growing problem of drowsy and distracted driving, one of the main causes of car accidents and fatalities on the roads.”