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Required Instruction in the History of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders Passes First State Senate...

This week, the Florida Senate Education Committee unanimously passed “The Required Instruction in the History of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders” (AAPI) from state Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando. This bill will require a specific curriculum...

Legislators Want Law Cracking Down on Sexual Battery Upon a Mentally Incapacitated Person

This week, state Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, and state Rep. Emily Slosberg, D–Boca Raton, announced legislation that clarifies the law concerning what constitutes sexual battery upon a person impaired by drugs of alcohol under...

Florida Legislature Sends Gail’s Law to Ron DeSantis

With the Florida Legislature in the finals days of its regular session, on Monday, the state Senate passed “Gail’s Law” from state Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, without opposition. Earlier in the month, the Florida House...

Linda Stewart, Joy Goff-Marcil Want to Enact Recommendations of the Blue-Green Algae Task Force

State Sen. Linda Stewart, D- Orlando, and state Rep. Joy Goff-Marcil, D- Maitland, have filed legislation to put into law several major recommendations of the Blue-Green Algae Task Force.

Linda Stewart, Thad Altman Want $100 Million Set Aside for Florida Forever

On Tuesday, state Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, and state Rep. Thad Altman, R-Indian Harbour Beach, offered a proposal to have $100 million appropriated to Florida Forever, moving the funds from the Land Acquisition Trust Fund (LATF).
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Florida State Senator Wants Daycare Vehicles to Have Alarms for Children Left Inside

Stewart has championed her proposal before but it failed to clear the Florida House. She hopes to rectify that in the next session. 

Linda Stewart Wants Private Schools to Follow Same Academic, Hiring and Construction Standards as...

Stewart filed her bill earlier in the month with her office insisting “there are various inconsistencies in requirements for the three types of schools in Florida Statute.” The bill would mandate that all teachers have a bachelor’s degree and would have private schools follow the same construction standards that public and charter schools currently follow. The bill would also “require private schools to follow state academic standards, administer state exams to an eligible percentage of students, receive state grades, and require at least 20 minutes of recess for primary schools.”
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Wilton Simpson Creates Florida Senate Committee on Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Simpson also named chairs and vice chairs for the other committees though he plans to name members to the committees in the days to come. 

Linda Stewart Urges Ron DeSantis: ‘Roll Back the Rushed Reopening, Adopt a Statewide Mask...

On Thursday, state Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, wrote Gov. Ron DeSantis as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Linda Stewart’s Bills Taking Aim at Indecent Exposure, Rapists of Underage Victims Gain Momentum

“We know that when violators get away with this type of act, they often feel emboldened to continue,” said Stewart. “We want to give law enforcement the tools they need in order to stop this type of behavior in its tracks.”
Florida Capitol In Tallahassee

Proposal Cracking Down on Indecent Exposure Gains Momentum in Tallahassee

“Under current law, a violation is considered a misdemeanor, meaning law enforcement cannot obtain an arrest warrant for a suspect. This requires law enforcement to catch a violator in the act in order to arrest,” Stewart’s office noted.

Linda Stewart Brings Out Bill to Protect Children From Obscene Conduct

State Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, continued her efforts to crack down on indecent exposure last week, bringing out a bill which she insists “would protect children from obscene conduct, and improve prosecution of offenders.”