The University of Tampa (UT) continues to set enrollment records as it current student body is the largest ever. This marks the 23rd year in a row, UT has seen a record-high enrollment.

With both graduates and undergraduates, UT has 9,628 students, 3.5 percent more than last year. Almost 1,000 UT students are from around 130 other countries while domestic students come from every state. Around 20 percent of the UT student body has declared themselves as Hispanic African-American or Asian. The overwhelming number of undergraduates–98 percent–are full time and a majority of them live on campus. Around a quarter of the more than 2,800 new freshmen enrolled in UT’s Honors Program.

Dennis Nostrand, UT’s vice president of enrollment management, said the record high numbers showed the university is in excellent shape.

“Interest in UT set an all-time record this past year, due in large part to our expanding reputation for delivering a rich, high-quality educational experience,” Nostrand said. “Plus, once undergraduates decide to attend UT, we do an excellent job of graduating them in four years or fewer.”

UT President Ronald Vaughn said the university has brought in 22 new faculty members and continues to offer excellent student service.

“We remain committed to pursuing quality and educational excellence,” Vaughn said. “The fact that we met our enrollment goals, plus we set new retention records, shows our success in providing an outstanding academic and co-curricular experience to students.”


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