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Ron DeSantis Takes Action to Protect Florida Cyberspace, Universities, Real Estate From Hostile Nations

Last week, at an event in Miami, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced executive action and legislative proposals to address threats posed by the Communist Party of China and other hostile foreign powers in cyberspace, real...

Doug Kelly Opinion: To Protect Floridians, Congress Needs to Prioritize Fighting Cybercrime

We have learned the hard way that cybersecurity is just as important as physical security. In an increasingly digital and interconnected world, adversaries are targeting America’s critical infrastructure, our universities, and in a more...
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George Lamont: America’s Schools Face Mounting Threats from Cyberattacks

The U.S. education sector is in the midst of a cyber crisis. The shift to cloud-based virtual learning during COVID-19 created the perfect storm for threat actors to capitalize on: education IT departments, already...

Michael Waltz Weighs in on Russian Intelligence Efforts After Submarine Fire

“Most people think the internet is in the cloud. It’s really under the ocean,” Waltz said. “There are almost 400 of these cables [which] are about the size of a really large garden hose that run several hundred thousand miles and our entire modern economy is dependent on these fiber optic cables, from banking, to insurance, to financial markets.”
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PSC Commissioner Andrew Fay: Time to Focus on Cyber Security for Electric Grid

On Thursday, Fay spoke about cyber security and the electric grid at an event hosted by  the Harvard Electricity Policy Group (HEPG) in West Palm Beach.