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Ron DeSantis Calls a Special Session in May for the Legislature to Deal With...

This week, Gov. Ron DeSantis called for a special session of the Legislature to “consider legislation related to property insurance, reinsurance, changes to the Florida Building Code to improve the affordability of property insurance,...

Floridians Beware: Insurance Premiums Could Skyrocket if Congress Passes “Hurricane Tax”

A recent report is warning consumers about a costly provision in President Joe Biden's Made in America Tax Plan, which is currently being debated in Congress. R-Street Institute, a nonpartisan public policy research organization,...

Jimmy Patronis’ Office and Citizens Property Insurance Team Up to Crack Down on Insurance...

On Monday, Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis announced the arrest of Carmen Rosa Contreras and Alexandra Isabel Cano for allegedly acting as public adjusters without a license and filing false insurance claims. 

Citizens Property Suspends Cancellations for 45 Days as Florida’s Economy Hurt by Coronavirus

Citizens, which is a state-backed alternative insurer to help Floridians who can’t find private property insurance, has more than 445,000 policyholders across the state.
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Florida’s Economy Bounced Back Strong in the 2010s Thanks, in Large Part, to Rick...

When the 2010s opened, Florida was reeling from the economic downturn thanks in large part to its dependence on tourism, new home construction and real estate, areas which took a hit when the economy went south. Throw in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf in 2010 and Florida was in bad shape. 
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Rick Scott Leaves Tallahassee on a High Note

On the whole, Scott did what he said would do and helped Florida’s economy bounce back after the Great Recession. This is one of the reasons why Scott is one of only a handful of Florida governors who moved on the Senate--something that plenty of governors failed to do over the past 173 years.
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Moody’s Upgrading Florida’s Credit Rating a Boon to CFO Jimmy Patronis

Despite offering some criticism of the state’s finances, Moody’s Investor Services recently upgraded Florida’s credit rating to AAA--which is music to the state CFO’s ears. The report certainly contains  positive news when it comes to...