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Jacksonville Special Election a Prelude for 2022 Elections in Florida

A special election race in Jacksonville for an open citywide City Council seat on Tuesday may provide an insight to the upcoming 2022 elections in Florida. The race pits the Democrat Dr. Tracye Polson, a...

Time to Focus on Issues, Instead of Name Calling, in Jacksonville

Political opponents need to stop engaging in character assassination. Take Dean Black, the president of the Duval County Republican Party. He accused Tracye Polson, who is currently running for a Jacksonville City Council seat, of...

Some Florida Cities Spending COVID Relief Money on Non-Related Projects

Florida cities have received hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government in coronavirus relief money in the various stimulus measures passed by Congress. Some cities are spending that money on infrastructure projects and...

Some Florida Republicans Back More Local Infrastructure Spending and Raising Taxes

Over the past decade, some counties and cities across Florida have raised, even doubled, the local gas tax to meet “infrastructure needs.” Lately, most of the gas tax increased have been in Republican-run counties and...

Jacksonville Needs to Invest in People, Quality of Life, Not Throwing More Taxpayer Dollars...

The world is changing faster than government ever recognizes. Duval County has a chance to be a leader in the new economy, by recognizing that people are the key to a better future. It’s time the city government recognizes this. 
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Jacksonville Should Reject Proposal to Double the Gas Tax

More than twenty years ago, the Better Jacksonville Plan (BJP) promised many improvements to our infrastructure. But five years ago, the current administration stated that more than $250 million worth of BJP projects had not been completed. 

Jacksonville City Councilman Michael Boylan Needs to Focus More on Mandarin, Not Lot J...

Duval County residents have been neglected for far too long. Think about all the opportunities to improve the quality of life in your own neighborhood. Most of those improvements would help improve quality of life in Jacksonville more than dumping hundreds of millions into Lot J and the Skyway. 
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Matt Schellenberg: Jacksonville’s Proposed Gas Tax Hike Will Hurt the Poor, Bring Less Accountability...

Historically, the gas tax is a progressive tax that impacts the poor the most. Generally speaking, lower-income earners do not own gas-efficient cars and are not likely to purchase an EV vehicle in the next 10 to 20 years. More importantly, COVID-19 has changed the nature of work—perhaps permanently.

Public Officials Double-Dipping is Out of Control in Jacksonville

Every City Council member who works for a non-profit voted for Lot J. Five City Council members are double-dipping on taxpayers' money. Not only do they get a salary for being a City Council member and a pension, but they also receive a salary and pensions from their non-profit entities. These non-profits receive taxpayer money every year for a portion of their funding.
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Matt Schellenberg: Duval County Needs to Reform Redistricting Process

In Duval County, a committee was formed to examine the changes, including where people have moved and currently live throughout the county. Unfortunately, for more than 40 years, Duval County has been restricted by federal court order in how it can proceed.
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Matt Schellenberg: Jacksonville Jaguars Need to Stop Getting Public Funds

The Jaguars are 41-100 under Shad Khan with only one winning season while every other season has seen the losses in double digits. Maybe the Jaguars should focus on improving the product on the field before they demand more taxpayer dollars.  
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Matt Schellenberg: JEA Compensation Package is Disappointing to Jacksonville Citizens

Former Jacksonville City Councilman Matt Schellenberg weighed in last week as the effort to sell the JEA continues. Schellenberg offered the following letter to the editor, taking aim at a proposed compensation package for JEA employees: