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Nikki Fried Facing Pressure to Get Out of Gubernatorial Race as Democrats Ready to...

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried says she’s ready to get rolling for the primary season as she continues her bid for the Democratic nomination to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis. Fried has called for at least...
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John Morgan Looks Back at 2020 Elections, Looks Ahead to 2022 and Marijuana Legalization

Despite getting Amendment 2 over the finish line with more than 60 percent of the vote, Morgan, who also led the charge on amendments expanding medical marijuana, said this is his last effort to change the Florida Constitution at the ballot box. 

John Morgan Ramps Up Effort for Proposed Amendment Raising the Minimum Wage in Florida

Morgan compared the effort to Amendment 2 which he championed back in 2016. Amendment 2 expanded the use of medical marijuana in the Sunshine State. 

John Morgan Takes Aim at Andrew Gillum on Twitter

This week, Morgan took to Twitter to call the former Tallahassee mayor’s new voter registration drive “phony.”

Companies Raising Minimum Wage On Their Own as Florida Democrats Push Making it Higher

There are plenty of companies in Florida that have raised their minimum wages over the last year and some of them have plans to increase wages more in the coming months.

Florida GOP Finally Gets Wise on Medical Marijuana

Back in 2016, a strong majority of Florida voters--more than 71 percent--voted for Amendment 2 which expanded medical marijuana use across the state. Republicans had two years to enact the amendment and made some efforts but held off on allowing smokable medical marijuana in Florida.

Bill Nelson Looks Weak Against Rick Scott

Nelson’s team assured USA Today at the end of the last month that they aren’t worried about Scott yet but some Democrats say he should be.