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Teachers’ Unions May Support Democratic School Board Candidates With Dark Money

With voters still thinking about school closures and COVID protocol restrictions, political analysts in Florida say, outside of the gubernatorial race, they expect more attention local school board elections to receive much of the...
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Consumers May Stop Using Name Brand Goods Based On Political Correctness, New Survey Finds

The survey of 2,000 Americans focused on consumers’ views of businesses and the media coverage dealing with systemic racism.
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Florida Black Lives Matter Supporters: Our Protests Treated Differently than Mob that Stormed the...

Ben Frazier, the president of the Jacksonville Northside Coalition, said there was a difference in how BLM protesters and the pro-Trump mob were treated by police. Five people, including a police officer, were killed in last week’s violence. 

Florida Teachers Unions Keep Moving the Goal Posts on Reopening Schools

In June, Florida Education Association (FEA) President Fedrick Ingram, who chaired the union’s Statewide Committee to Safely Reopen Public Schools, laid out his group’s game plan for schools to safely reopen this summer.

Elected Officials Forcing Retailers Like Walmart and Target To Stop Selling Non-Essential Items

In order to reduce the threat of the coronavirus, several cities and states throughout the country are requiring large retailers to stop selling non-essential items in their stores.

Florida Could See Changes to Concealed Carry Laws

Florida has over two million people who have a concealed carry license--but they could see changes as state Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is proposing some changes to concealed carry laws.

Circulation and Readership of Local Newspapers Reach an All-Time Low

In a recent study, the Pew Research Group found readership of local newspapers has fallen by 50 percent since 1999.

Florida School Board Ready to Sue Over Holding Special Election for a Proposed Tax...

Less than a year after voters approved to increase taxes, the Clay County School Board is again asking voters to support a tax hike.

Jacksonville Debates Removing Confederate Monuments as Activists Threaten Boycott

Frazier said for almost two years Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and the Jacksonville City Council have ignored the groups’ calls for taking down the monuments. Frazier has said if the city removes the monuments there will be no boycott.

Audrey Gibson, Tracie Davis Want DeSantis To Have National Guard Fight Crime in Jacksonville

Many First Coast residents say calling for the National Guard is nothing more than a political move to embarrass Curry. 

Florida’s Millennials and Puerto Rican Population Might Help Democrats Win in 2020

According to the Florida Department of State, the voter turnout in 2018 for younger voters was up by 15 percent compared to 2014. Voters under 30 moved from 22 percent to 37 percent over those four years. 

Bias in College Education Concerns Floridians

In recent weeks, “college indoctrination” or “education bias” has become a hot topic, says Jacksonville’s WBOB Talk Radio News Director Roger Henderson.