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News From Around Florida

Democrats trending poorly in Florida, pundit notes, Darryl Rouson files bill to protect gay students attending private schools, and a Jacksonville City Councilman insists prayers before meetings are too political.

John Morgan Takes Aim at Andrew Gillum on Twitter

This week, Morgan took to Twitter to call the former Tallahassee mayor’s new voter registration drive “phony.”

Ron DeSantis Remains in Excellent Shape, According to New Poll

Despite a close win against Democrat Andrew Gillum, DeSantis has earned high marks from Florida voters based on almost every poll looking at his four months in office.

Andrew Gillum Heads to the National Stage to Work With Liberal Group

On Tuesday, Michael Keegan, the president of liberal group People For the American Way, announced Gillum is returning to his group as a senior fellow.
Ron Desantis

Ron DeSantis Stands Tall After First Legislative Session

After the Legislature passed the budget on Saturday, DeSantis had cause for celebration. Most of his agenda--including expanding school choice--sailed through the Legislature.

Ron DeSantis Remains in Great Shape With Florida Voters

This week, Morning Consult released a series of polls looking at governors across the nation. DeSantis placed 11th among governors with a solid majority of those surveyed--54 percent--approving of him while only 20 percent disapprove of him.

Joe Biden Starts Campaign With Gwen Graham Backing Him in Florida

“In the purple state that is Florida, I believe that Vice President Biden has the best chance of winning Florida in November,” Graham insisted.

Ron DeSantis in Excellent Shape in Latest Mason Dixon Poll

A new poll shows Gov. Ron DeSantis in excellent shape with Florida voters. Mason Dixon released a poll on Thursday morning which finds 62 percent of voters in the Sunshine State approve of DeSantis while...

GOP, Democrats Clash in the Florida Legislature Over Implementing Voting Rights for Ex-Felons

More than 64 percent of Floridians approved the measure in November. The amendment restores voting rights to most ex-felons but there is a dispute over the language. 

Florida Democrats, Andrew Gillum Move Quickly as 2020 Already Looms

After announcing efforts to register voters across the Sunshine State last week, the Florida  Democratic Party and former gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum bolted out of the gate to flip the state in 2020 and deny President Donald Trump a second term. 

Andrew Gillum, Florida Democrats Plan to Register Voters Across the State to Beat Donald...

Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum showed this week that he wants to remain a force in Florida politics despite being edged by Republican Ron DeSantis in last year’s gubernatorial campaign. Gillum held an event at...

Ron DeSantis Continues to Get High Marks in Florida

Despite a narrow win over Democrat Andrew Gillum in November, DeSantis gets high marks in a Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday with 59 percent of voters approving of him and only 17 percent of them disapproving of them while 24 percent are not sure.